Easter Moments

I’m not sure about how I should start this post. I should write about natural images illustrating Easter, captured by real people, living real lives. Not pretending, not acting. Just being themselves. Well instead of saying all that with words, let’s use only images. After all, one picture says more than a thousand words…

During Easter last week we run a mission to the Foap community called “Easter moments”. We got 1131 approved images, taken by 516 verified photographers during 5 days. Those images will be available at foap.com for our clients. Now, each one of the submitted photos tells a story about a moment. Let’s have a look at some of them.

First, the photo that has been rewarded in the mission, taken by Angelic. Egg hunting in group.


Now, let’s go for egg hunting individually, by gna_r:

boy running

Let’s leave the egg hunting and give the Easter Bunny a hug:

girl with easter bunny

And why not get a hug from the Easter Bunny?

easter hug

During Easter, some kids love to paint eggs:

painting egs

So that grown ups may hide them in the garden:


And then kids may then look for them:


Some may though need help from grandma:

grandmother and kid

Others may find by themselves:


And once them start, they will not want to stop:

My eggs

Some may get really happy and proud with their discovery:

boy showing wgs

Others will find a place to be quiet and enjoy the moment:

blond girl with egg

Many will get happy and delighted:

Wow paiting eggs

Others may not:


Well, hope you’ve got an idea of how real Easter is on Foap.

To see all the photos from the Easter mission visit https://www.foap.com/foap/easter2014



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