Explore your photography


Everyone has a comfort zone. A place where one feels good, has control over the situation and both feet on the ground.

This can also be applied to photography, of course. You have a style, a favorite motive. You know what works and what other people appreciate about your photography. You’ve built it through weeks, months, years, decades.

By getting in contact with Foap (and other photo sharing platforms) you probably felt inspired. So many great photographers around, so much diversity. Different angles, colors and perspectives that you had never noticed before. At the same time, you might have become an inspiration for other people too. They like how you see the world, they like your style.

What about a change? Why not try to get out a little bit of your comfort zone? Experiment something new, something you maybe have seen others doing but never thought you could do. Something you appreciate in other people’s photography but never really dared to try it out yourself. More shots of urban scenes? Macros? Why not some black and white images? Or even portraits (your nephews could become great models)? 😉

As a lot of things in this life, photography is dynamic. It changes with you. It moves with you. It feels as you feel. Are you in love? So is your photography. Are you sad? So is your photography. Are you in Paris? So is your photography. Did you get a child? So has your photography.

Your relationship to photography can only improve, get deeper. You can always get to know you each other better. Take her out to new places, show her some different feelings. Introduce her to new angles, new motives, new people, new filters, new editing apps. Get out of your comfort zone. Try it out little by little, ask for feedback, set goals. Discover and explore new details on the ordinary. Lots of great shots are waiting to be discovered, go and catch them.

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