Chocolate inspiration

Hello there. So fun that you are stopping by! A special welcome to our new Android users. We hope that you will like it here.

Have you seen Coop’s latest mission? You can watch it here to see what photos has been uploaded so far. The last time they had a mission, one of our users followed the recipe and made a delicious smoothie – today it’s on Coop’s webpage and works as an inspiration for the recipe. So, I was just going to give you some tricks to increase your chance to sell your photo (or photos) to Coop.¬†Follow the recipe in the app. Click here for iOS or here for Android.

I will show you how mine looked like. I used dried apricots, almonds and some dry roasted peanuts. Once it was ready I had a little photo session in the kitchen. I put my chocolate dreams on different plates, I changed the light and tried different angles. Right now I’m having many different photos – on the same cake. This way, ¬†it’s possible to join a mission with many different photos. Try it out. Perhaps you will be the chosen one!


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