“I think pictures are magical.” – meet the winner of the “Malibu Summer State of Mind” Mission

Today we’d like to introduce the winner of the “Malibu Summer State of Mind” Mission. She’s a mom of three boys and lives in California. As usual, winning the Mission was tough. Lots of great photos were submitted. When browsing through them you can feel the ocean breeze, the warm sand on the beach and you can almost taste delicious Malibu cocktails.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Foaper Ripsime Thorpe @ripsime79!

First of all congratulations on winning the Mission, Ripsime! You did an amazing job! There were lots of beautiful pictures in the Mission but the Malibu team picked up your photo. How did you come up with this shot? What was your idea about the perfect Mission photo?

Thank you so much! There were many beautiful pictures for the Malibu mission and I am super excited that they chose my picture!

I read the Mission description and tried to come up with something summery and fresh, with the coconut and pineapple. I think the perfect Mission photo had to be something that reminded people of summer, as that was the focus of the Mission.


And it worked out well! 🙂

Your bio says: “Stay at home mom of 3 little boys!” What else can you share with us about you and your family?

Yes, I am a stay at home mom of three little amazing boys from sunny California! My husband and I have been married for ten years. Our boys are three, four, and five years old. They are a lot of fun and they keep me very busy! We decided that I should stay home with them until they are all in school. In a few years I will go back to work as an elementary school teacher. My husband in an airline pilot and we look forward to traveling more as our boys get older.


That’s great! Congrats! Now, how did your interest in photography start and how did you become a Foaper?

My interest in photography started at a very young age. As a little girl, I used to think that pictures were magical because I would look at a picture and see so much in it. As an adult, I still think pictures are magical. Photographs capture a moment in time and stories that you can hold on to forever. Some of my friends think I am crazy because I still get pictures developed and have photo albums. I know everything is digital now but there is nothing that can replace looking at old memories in an album.

I became a Foaper about a year ago and that’s all thanks to my sister. She had read an article about Foap and told me all about. The rest is history, I love Foap and have become a Foap addict! What’s funny is that I have turned my sister into a Foaper too, she is @marina23. After hearing about how much fun I was having, she couldn’t resist.


Ha! That’s funny!

Our next question is: If we were to choose a favorite photo from your portfolio it would be this photo above. But what’s your favorite photo in your portfolio?

I love the picture with our feet too! What a hard question but if I had to pick only one picture, it would be the one with my three boys walking on the train tracks, titled, “My Boys.” I took this picture at a train museum that we visited. My boys are inseparable and this was captured perfectly in this photograph.


You’re following 121 Foapers. For new Foapers out there, who would you recommend the to start following?

I love following people on Foap because I get to see their beautiful work and watch their portfolios grow. Foap is a big community of awesome photographers from all over the world. I honestly can’t recommend a single one because they are all great. Just take a pick from the Foapers I follow and you won’t be disappointed.


What would be your dream Foap Mission? What would you like to photograph?

I love all the Missions on Foap because they are so different all the time. I think I would enjoy a Mission about family pets. I am crazy about our dog, Buddy. He is the best friend to all our boys and I love capturing some of those moments with the four of them.


Thank you Ripsime! We’re super happy that to have you on Foap 🙂 Congrats on winning the Mission and we look forward to seeing new photos of your boys and Buddy.

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