VisitSweden need your Swedish Moments!

Hello everybody! Have you ever been to Sweden? Or perhaps you live there? VisitSweden need your photos as soon as possible. They run a mission right now called Swedish Moment where they want to gather all of your best photos from Sweden. This is the mission description:

What is a Swedish Moment? 
A Swedish moment is an emotion. A state of mind. Something you can feel. A moment to be kept as a memory. A memory you bring with you. It can last for a “split second” or a few minutes, but it’s central in defining the whole holiday. The sum of them is in fact the holiday. A Swedish moment is full of emotions. Joy, laughter, longing, nostalgia. Something memorable. Something beautiful. Happiness. Something you will be touched by. Something to be proud of.

Share your Swedish Moment from all over Sweden! From spring time in Sweden, summer time in Sweden or autumn in Sweden. Please tag your images with Location (as detailed as possible) and season. And describe your moment in one sentence.

Don’t forget to add the tags and fill in the caption, this will make it much easier for VisitSweden to find your photos and will increase your chance of selling photos! Do you already have good photos that you think VisitSweden would like? Add the tag “visitsweden” to your photos and they will be able to find it in the market!
Pretty neat, huh?

Click here to go to the iPhone app and here to go to the Android app!

And here’s some inspiration for you, from the top rated photos in this mission!

Skärmavbild 2013-12-06 kl. 2.24.42 PM


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