The new $1,200 country challenge starts soon!

Hello Foapers!

We know that you liked our previous country challenge, so we are announcing the new one! It will start in the first days of May.

Like in the previous one, joining will be available only to the best Foap users – we will notify you by email. We are listening to your feedback, so there will be some changes:

  • you will be able to upload not only one but up to 3 photos
  • there will be rewards also for the best users in countries
  • users from all nations will be able to join it

The topic of this challenge will be “The best photo of your country,” and you will be able to show your part of the world to other users with photos of landscapes, people, culture, city streets, rural, dishes, nature, and even animals.

How to be prepared?

  1. Start looking for related photos in your photo archive, or start thinking about creating new ones.
  2. Make sure that notifications in your Foap app are active.
  3. Check your email from time to time.
  4. Go to your profile – Edit – in the app and ensure that you have your current country chosen.


The Country Challenge started!

Show us your country from the best perspective (Country Challenge with $1,200 rewards)

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        Hi, I received an email from Foap informing that I was nominated but I do not see it in my app. Other point, this email came to me in my email but they started calling me Laura…. My name is Rosana Bateli, I used Foap a lot few years ago and came back last week. I can see my albuns but all empty.
        Can you please check if is everything ok with my account?
        Thank you

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    This is really awsomeeee to be a part of this mission and am very lucky to join the mega team FOAP lots of love n wishes to you all dear ones????

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      And that means that our mission is going well. Awesome, Mesutikah! I can recommend you follow all the good photographers at Foap. We’re all learning from each other.

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    This app is absolutely amazing ??? I recommend this for everyone who loves to take pictures and this is the best way to share them with many people plus you get to participate is missions they provide and if you lucky you can win the many rewards ??

  7. 15

    Foap is very innovative and fun
    , I was euphoric with the intuitiveness of almost all the functionalities I’ve explored. It is intuitively simple. I’ve even sent them feedback through their diagnostics portal.

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