@piapising: “Please let me say this first: I love the missions! Seriously.”

We like the urban vibe of Pia’s portfolio, or as she’s known to the Faop community, @piapising. We caught up with the winner of the Write Foap mission to ask her a few questions about Foaping and much more. Here’s my Q&A with this epic Foaper.

Tell us a little about yourself? Who you are? Where you’re from?

My name is Pia and I’m a foaper. I live in Malmö, Sweden and I’m 41 years old. When I’m not working as a coordinator at a school, I enjoy to be outdoors. I ride on my bycicle or take walks and take some photos with my iphone or camera.

Your photo won our Write down Foap Mission. Can you tell us more about this photo? How did you think of this idea?


Please let me say this first: I love the missions! Seriously. They are so inspiring and get ideas started and also to see what others come up with. And yes, the Foap toast. I was thinking about everyday life and what is part of our day and something I like, breakfast popped up. And also all the times I’ve been enjoying photos on Foap with a cup of coffee. On a very rainy day I got a sudden hunger for making toast and I wondered if I could write Foap with toast. I made the letters on foil and tried them on the bread in the oven but failed so I had to make toast in the toaster (without the foil) and when the colour was right make the letters by scraping. The camera part of the logo though came out nicely in the oven. And then, a foapy breakfast is served! The thing about this and other missions is to try. Try and try and see what comes out of your ideas.

You have a very diverse portfolio. What do you like to photograph the most?


Oh, you are making me choose? Well, then I must say streetart is close to my heart. It’s the combination of discovering beautiful art and take photos of it. One of my first photos when starting using a digital camera several years ago was of a graffitti wall here in Malmö. I enlarged the photo and printed it and framed it and it has been on my wall in my apartment since then. Because of some purple colour in the graffiti I had to go with purple touches in that room. Even one of the wallpapers. Yupp.


Why Foap? How did you find out about us? And what convinced you to invest so much into Foaping?

A friend sent an invitation by the iphone but I didn’t know what it was. We met the same day for lunch and she told me more about it and I got very interested. And when checking it out, at first I just enjoyed all photos there. It’s such an inspiration with the other foapers and all photos! For me it continues, the inspiration of others and it’s one of the reasons to Foap. To see others perspective, ideas, moments, parts of the world etc. I love to look at photos. And let’s not forget: to take photos yourself and learn by doing it and enjoying it. When tagging the photos, the words, makes you think of and see more what is in the photo. And the brilliance with Foap, not only are you able to sell photos there, a photo can be sold over and over again.


What was one of the things you would improve about the current version of Foap?

In the app in the missions section, to be able to see all rewarded photos in a mission. For example, if you will have one winner and also second and third prize, As it is now a click on rewarded, one photo shows. You know what I mean? Also in some missions there are more photos sold than the winner. I think it would be inspiring to be able to see them somehow. And in the “sold photos” section where sold photos from market are shown, the sold mission photos could be a highlighted/marked a little.


Just to let you know, the answer to the last question of our Q&A is carefully monitored by our Android and iOS teams, so its always great to hear what the most experienced Foapers think about the current version of the app.

Pia, thanks for your time! A good weekend to all!


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