Winners of the 2023 Photo of the Year

A few weeks back, we sorted through the photos submitted to the Foap contest and selected the top shots in eight categories: People, Food, Landscape, Animals, Products, Macros & Abstract, Plants, and Selfie. We then brought in independent judges to pick the winners, and now, drumroll please, here are the Winners!

Foap Community Photo of the Year

The most popular photo, with the highest number of ratings among all the nominated shots.

Winner: mariecullinane


Photo of the Year: Selfie

Nominated photos:

Judge: Vesna Siftar, Global Senior Executive

Winner: 7w6bp889kk

Judge’s comment:

“There’s always that moment in travel when you’ve arrived at your destination. You’re exhausted, excited, haven’t slept properly for a while, still feel shaken from the long bus or train ride and have that momentary moment of safety when you got to your room. There’s chaos, new sounds, new smells, but the sense of achievement in reaching your destination is too strong to take a break, because there is so much more to discover. A multifold reminder of all the roads we should have traveled. Especially these days when travel seems to be getting more expensive, less safe than it used to be and younger generation being under even more stress..

This selfie encapsulates it all – all these emotions captured in this small moment when everything fell in a place. Even the sleeve and hand sneaking into the frame, instead of ruining the selfie, add to its imperfect perfection.”

Photo of the Year: People

Nominated photos:

Judge: Marcelo Bresciani, Executive Creative Director at Oliver IIG Latin America

Winner: evathanksgod

Judge’s comment:

“The penetrating eyes looking directly to the camera, the wrinkles on the face, the white beard slightly uneven, all this expresses a beautiful moment of humanity. And it reminds me of some of the beautiful black and white photos taken by Diane Arbus of “uncommon” people.”


Photo of the Year: Food

Nominated photos:

Judge: Patrycja Lukjanow, Creative Director

Winner: mirahneva

Judge’s comment:

“Food photography has traditionally been very hyper real, over saturated and loud to make the viewer want to eat that thing immediately. But there is something special in a shot that captures the more authentic experience we have with food, and the emotion and tradition associated with it. “

Photo of the Year: Products

Nominated photos:

Judge: Kadian Langlais, Chief Marketing Officer at Renfro Brands

Winner: deea.olteanu

Judge’s comment:

“It was a tough decision, but the chosen photo is absolutely beautiful. The image conveys a sense of quiet luxury while being visually captivating and aesthetically please to the eye. Great prop setting as well.”


Photo of the Year: Animals

Nominated photos:

Judge: Dushan Drakalski, Executive Creative Director

Winner: zippio

Judge’s comment:

“Considering the significance of the subject matter and the story behind the image, ‘Karibu Fighting’ stands out. This photo transcends the ordinary with its rare depiction of conflict and competition in the wilderness, all under a captivating yellow light that adds an otherworldly glow to the scene. It is this convergence of raw intensity and exceptional lighting that makes it my definitive choice for the award.”

Photo of the Year: Plants

Nominated photos:

Judge: Michael Raso, Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy

Winner: kaser

Judge’s comment:

“The composition and lightening focused your attention to the bloom – a side of the cactus when generally don’t see. A plant many think of as arid and rough. However the shot managed to capture the moment of the plant flowering. A gentle and soft moment that reframed what we think if it.”



Photo of the Year: Macros & Abstract

Nominated photos:

Judge: Daniel Cheng, Founder & CEO of Metric Design Studio

Winner: heidi.larsen

Judge’s comment:

“While the nominations were all stellar, this particular image is incredible depth due to the landscape reflected in the horse’s eye.”


Photo of the Year: Landscape

Nominated photos:

Judge: Martin Winther, Creative Director

Winner: icyasuka

Mountain with autumn coloured tree next to a peak in stone forest in Kunming, China.

Judge’s comment:

For me, it is undoubtedly the most interesting one. Technically, it may not be the most brilliant photo; it even appears coincidental. However, it possesses a crucial stopping factor. Why? It’s the textures. The texture of the mountain combined with other common natural colors, such as the shades of green trees and the blue sky, makes the mountain emerge with a roar of organic and alien-like power. It almost looks as if it’s created with another technique, perhaps charcoal, giving it the impression of a collage-like image. This photo demonstrates that even on the brightest of days, one can discover magical surprises through the lens of a camera.”


Congratulations to the Winners!


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