“Winner winner chicken dinner!” – the Winners of Country Challenge ?

This challenge has been a lot of fun but it is time to wrap things up and reward our hard-working Foapers 🙂

Besides voting, we’ve asked you to comment on pictures; what do you like about them and why you think they should win.

So first of all, we’d like to feature some of our favorite comments. You really spoke up!

This photo should win the contest, amazing beauty captured in a single photo, I can almost feel her voice just by seeing her beautiful face. Her soul is piercing through this picture. Great work.

brimikyla21 at john.peace‘s photo from South Africa

This picture is absolutely stunning!! You’ve managed to capture the rays of sunlight in this photo in such an incomparable, alluring way. Looking at this photo makes me feel as though I’m looking at a painting and truly brings me peace just looking at it.

se1kok1mura at dpartsphotography‘s photo from Sri Lanka

This photo is really worth it to win. It is technically perfect. The angle taken, lightning, composition are awesome. This photo represents your country very well through the social life.

joni_art at jennymai’s photo from Vietnam

This image is very eye catching and has vibrant colors! The repeated pattern and similar subjects make you wonder how far the line of people continues past the edge of the picture. It also makes me curious “What are they doing?”…”What is the pan in their hands?” I love images that make me ask questions.

greatshots4you at chemfifi’s photo from the Netherlands

This photo should win. Because, It has good impact, real lifestyle. It narrates story of real life struggle, mother’s care. This image strikes the viewers attention and draw them into discover the message without distraction. The real and the best.

pushpa.hegde1590 at terence.dcosta’s photo from Nepal

the photographer knew how to play with the perspective and photo angle to show us the smallness of the human being against the greatness of his realization

djaliss.anis at henry_clh’s photo from Hong Kong

Stunning photo!! Perfect timing and amazing attention to detail. The photo really draws you in. There is so much detail and things to look at. Very skilled photographer. Amazing photo.

nolene at mansymanse’s photo from the United States

This is displaying a dreamy posture. a beautiful girl lying amidst white lovely flowers. it’s a kind of catch for anyone who happens to be there or looks at picture… filling up with romantic serenity all around.

anu.msmisra at meolia’s photo from Canada

Amazing night shot. Magical feeling, just like stepping in movie scene. I can almost hear a sound of outgoing subway and lonely footsteps climbing the stairs. Perfect light and mysterious atmosphere. Congratulations on the nomination and good luck.

g5ag6uw4ex at alexandra.gal’s photo from France

Having seen this portrait before, it’s clear that it is a high quality, intense, perfectly composed and impactful portrait. For me the paint shading and his expression relates to struggles we all face internally. This photo links beautifully with Serbia.

daybyday at mrgiza’s photo from Serbia

The Authors of these comments won $50 each!

In addition to our top picks, the first 100 commenters under the winner’s photo will also receive a little something. We’re just so grateful for your input!

As you can see, it’s worth not only to publish photos on Foap, but also to share comments and interact with other Foapers.

Lastly, we let our Best Foapers (Foap users who sold the most number of photos) choose the 3 winning photos and here they are:

3rd place – $100 and 100 Foap Coins
dpartsphotography from Sri Lanka:

2nd place – $300 and 300 Foap Coins
terence.dcosta from Nepal:

1st place – $500 and 500 Foap Coins
meolia from Canada:

Congratulations to all!

You can check the details about voting on the attached graphic.

Don’t forget that the winner’s country (Canada) gets their own special Mission with $300 + 300 Foap Coins as rewards, how exciting!

Thank you all for participating in the very first Country Challenge. It was a great adventure! There will be a new one in the future, and meanwhile, congratulate the winners and join our other missions in the Foap app.


Good luck!
Your Foap Team


We’re coming to you with a brand new type of mission: Best Photo – Country Challenge with $2,000 in rewards! Feel your national spirit and compete with your fellow citizens to get individual and national rewards. This challenge will have 3 stages:

Applying ➡️ Voting ➡️ Commenting

Stage 1 – Applying (closed)

We nominated the best photographers from the most active countries on Foap. They were able to join the special national mission and upload their best photo.


Stage 2: Voting (closed)

If you live in one of the most active countries on Foap, in the app you were able to find the mission called “Choose the Best Photo in… [name of your country]”.

You were able to rate photos out of the 5 stars to help choose a photo that will represent your country.

Rate wisely because if a photo from your country wins in the final stage, not only will the author of the photo get $500, but you will also get a $300 mission available just for your country, giving you a much higher chance of winning and earning more money.

We will choose 1 photo from each country’s mission to participate in the finals. We will take rating, the number of rates and overall quality into consideration.

Stage 3: Commenting (closed)

We asked for your best photo and you delivered! We received over 4000 contributions from the 51 countries we invited to the challenge. It has been an incredible experience learning your stories and culture through pictures. The response was overwhelming and we are so grateful to see you as excited about the challenge as we are!

At this stage, you were able to see pictures from all of the countries in one place and comment on them. Authors of the first 100 comments under the winner’s photo will get real cash!
You can comment on any photo, also from another country, but if the best photo will be from your country, you will get a $300 mission available just for your country, giving you a much higher chance of winning and earning more money.

We chose the best 10 photos, taking into account overall quality and comments. But who actually gets the prize? The 3 best photos will be chosen by… you! Most experienced Foapers (who sold the most number of photos) voted and choose the final 3 winners.


We’re giving away a total of $2,000 in rewards. Can you believe it?

All you have to do is upload your best photo, vote and comment, and the rewards make it totally worth it:

1st place: The Best Photo $500 + 500 Foap Coins

2nd place: $300 + 300 Foap Coins

3rd place: $100 + 100 Foap Coins


The dedicated mission for users from the winning country: $300 + 300 Foap Coins as rewards

10 best comments: $50 and 50 Foap Coins each

Bonus for commenting users – $3 + 10 Foap Coins for every user (max. 100) who wrote a comment about why the photo should win under a winner’s photo.


What do you think?

As our first, but definitely not last national challenge, we hope to hear your feedback! Help us shape and improve this new challenge by sharing your thoughts in the comment section below.


Photos by takemewu, lulu.coleman,  raphinfrancescanatashakaser, camilammferreirajuliad

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  1. 1

    Is very interesting, question, best photo new photos? can you also play with won photos?

  2. 6

    What an awesome mission!!! once again congratulations for the initiative and the opportunity you offer your photographers! I will gladly participate and I will do my best so that my photo is one of the chosen ones, and that I can win some prize! Thanks

    • 7

      Hi Virginia! Thank you so much for your comment and your support for this initiative. Your enthusiasm makes what we do at Foap so worth it! Good luck in the challenge!

  3. 8

    You were the first platform of its kind that I’d ever seen and during very challenging times in my life. I have only just recovered from a broken patella and finding myself unemployed and in really bad shape after it first happened I was emotionally and mentally finished, and physically I was in a wheel chair. I went to stay with a friend who gave me her upgrade on her cellphone contract. I have never had a phone like it not in all my life. I have never had a decent camera or a phone with an exceptional camera so when I tried the camera out I was shocked at what I could achieve even with out the knowledge I have been gaining since then. Point is it wasnt a week later while downloading an app I magically stumbled on to FOAP which was only too awesome because I had no excuse for taking photos of everything which I had already started doing and now I have a reason and I love it. I love taking them, editing them and posting them on Foap. When I am rated 5 stars my spirit soars and when followed I could literally kiss those people. None of it compares to the feeling I get when you tell me I am one of your best up and coming content creators. Foap plus was such a major thing for me. When I found that I had been selected to represent my country. Well let’s just say Olympians represent there country to and you have made me feel like one of them. The positive nature of the entire platform is awesome. Thank you Thank you Thank you. P. S what do think I’m going to do when I sell my first photo. Oh yeah!

    • 9

      Hi Wesley, I was truly moved by your story. And I’m glad that we were with you in these difficult times. I hope that after what you have been through, only sunny days are ahead. Congratulations on your nomination! Good luck!

      • 10

        I couldn’t be more straight with you. I have found a pass time that is fulfilling, healthy, honest, challenging and it nurtures my soul. That’s because foap gave something to focus on and build up. It has stimulated growth in my life and now I have a new direction. So sincerely thank you. I just wanted to ask you. These prizes are nationally based right? I’m a little confused. Because if I made top 3 in SA that would surely be worth something. Its not a criticism but the mission did give you the impression that we were competing nationally. Internationally it makes the email I recieved saying I stand a good chance of winning a prize a little hard to believe.

        • 11

          Hi there Wes! I’m so sorry if you found something confusing. Let me explain it here: There are 3 stages in the Country Challenge. 1st stage was national – people from most active countries added their photos. 2nd stage is voting – taking into account rating, number of votes and overall quality we will choose 1 photo from each national mission. 3rd stage is the final, where 1 photo from each participating country will be competing for the rewards. So the rewards are indeed international and only given out in the last stage.

          If there aren’t many photos in your national mission you have a much higher chance to be nominated for the final, hence having a bigger shot at the rewards!

          So now focus on rating the photos in your national mission and invite your friends to do the same! Good luck!

  4. 12
  5. 15

    Hello !
    Thank you very much for your decision to include photographers from different countries in the Special Mission!
    I wish everyone success!
    Be healthy !
    Greetings from my homeland — Bulgaria!

    • 16

      I’ve never been to Bulgaria, but I tried some ? from your country and it was delicious 😀

      Thanks for your comment Svetla, stay healthy and good luck with the challenge! ❤️

    • 18

      Hi, I uploaded a photo more than 24 hours ago —- the time it should have been approved, but I don’t see it happening, why ?!
      In my opinion, everything necessary for the photo about the mission has been observed and yet I do not see it ?!
      Accordingly, there can be no comments, explain to me !!!

      • 19

        Hi Svetla, thank you for letting us know. All photos uploaded to this challenge are already approved, so we definitely need to check it. Don’t worry, this stage should last until the end of February. Meanwhile, please open the mission “The Best Photo in…” in your app, and under the title, there is a transparent button “My photos”. Go there and if there is no photo, please send us an email to support@foap.com with your username and shortly describe what is the problem. Please attach the photo also, we will check it.

      • 20
        • 21

          Hi there Finn, I just checked and your photo has been approved and is visible in the app. Go ahead and check out the “Choose the Best Photo in Philippines” and click on the “Photos” tab. Your photo should be visible there. Now, remember to vote and invite your friends to the Foap app to get more votes 🙂

    • 22
  6. 24

    Your services are very good, keep it up, greetings to you from Morocco??❤️♓??

  7. 26

    Amazing mission! I can’t wait to see which picture will represent our small but beautiful Serbia! It is very difficult to choose just one picture, but I will do my best to present my country in the best possible light!
    Greeting , Tea !

    • 27

      You’re right! Because of this 1 picture limit, this can be the most difficult mission in the history of Foap 😉 Congratulations on your nomination, Tea, and good luck!

  8. 28

    I must submit that am so grateful I can see I was nominated.
    It’s so humbling.
    This is a great initiative that will go a long way as an encouragement to foapers across the world.
    Thank you.

  9. 31

    Thank you for the wonderful chance you give to us ????
    The foto submited for this competition,
    Is it must be colorful ? Or can black and white ?
    And is it must original type ? Or can be modified ? ????

    • 32

      Hi Susanawati, congratulations on your nomination! You can upload a color or black and white photo. You can do some digital adjustments like better contrast, but we recommend being careful with that – a photo should look natural.

      People from your home country will vote for photos in the next step of this challenge, so we recommend that you choose the most appealing photo from your collection. Good luck!

  10. 33
  11. 35

    I am happy to represent my country with my photos..That’s the way we get to know different countries best part with photos..Thanks to the team and best wishes for everyone joining this event.

  12. 37
    • 38

      We keep our fingers crossed for you to win more missions soon. Thank you for being with us for so long, we appreciate it! Congratulations on your nomination and good luck!

  13. 39

    Loved the idea of country challenge.. I’m definitely going to upload my best photo for this mission.. also you guys are doing great at missions and thus giving opportunities to unrecognised photographers.. being one of the foapers I’m pretty excited and looking forward for your upcoming country challenges..

  14. 41

    I love this challenge, there are so many beautiful photos from all over the world, places I’ve never seen. This is a great way to see and appreciate what a beautiful world we have.

    • 42

      Hi Diane, I’m happy that you loved our new challenge. This challenge is our way to appreciate you – Foapers from around the World and your beautiful works. Thank you that you are with us!

  15. 43
  16. 45

    I never sold a single photo or won a contest and I’ve been selected as one of the best photographers in my country? How?

    • 46

      Hi Catherine, you don’t need to win a mission or sell a photo to be one of the best users in the country. Our curating team is going through all photos in every mission, and sadly we are not able to make all great photographers win, but we were able to invite them all to this challenge. Good luck!

      • 47
        • 48

          Hi there! The curation process is done by real humans, our great Foap Curation Team. However in many missions (this one included) photo rating and the number of ratings also influences the final decision on which photos will go into the final or win 😉

  17. 49

    Great challenge!
    Great idea!
    Great mission!
    Great task!
    Good luck to all of us.
    Finely we all winning by shearing ower best pictures to each other- Win Win.

  18. 51
  19. 53
    • 54

      Hi Analie! Yeah, you can upload a new photo after you deleted the original one, but have in mind that you will lose all ratings and comments. Ratings and comments will be very useful in the next stages 🙂 Good luck!

  20. 55

    I checked my email and saw that i I’m nominated for the challenge ??? i already posted a photo hope i will win???

  21. 57
    • 58

      Hi Benita, simple question – simple answer 🙂 Because of legal requirements – if on the photo there is a person who can be recognized – yes, the model release should be attached.

  22. 59

    I am so excited that Foap has nominated me to be participate in this mission!!! I have no idea what photo to submit! And only one? Can our submission be of any subject? Or is our subject our country?

    • 60

      Hi Valentine, congratulations! It can be any subject – portrait, product, nature, animals, architecture, street photography – whatever you want. And it doesn’t need to be related to your country. Have in mind that voting and commenting in the next stages will have a huge impact on what photo will win, so I can recommend trying to choose the photo that will be appealing for many people. Good luck!

  23. 61

    Well, My country Latvia can not be represented! But such an interesting mission! Good luck to everyone included! 🙂

    • 62

      It’s true, we have not enough users from Latvia 🙁 Maybe it’s worth sharing information about the Foap app on your social media, Liga? If there will be more people from Latvia, the next Country Challenge will be available for you also!

      In this challenge, in the third stage, you will be able to vote and comment for all photos and win rewards for commenting 🙂 Good luck!

  24. 65

    My photo was just taken using a camera from my android, whether or not it should be using a DSLR camera or something.

  25. 67

    So does commenting count yet? What about votes? I see that you have (soon) written but in a previous comment in this thread, you addressed that they should start voting and commenting. Also, will the mission posted be the exact mission for the final 2 stages or will the top photographers be asked to resubmit their photo under a new mission for each stage? Thank you in advance ?

    • 68

      Hi Bri! Thanks for your questions, I appreciate forward-thinking 🙂

      You can vote and comment even now. Winners will not be asked to resubmit photos. But keep in mind that in the 1 stage photos are visible only for nominated people (so rather a small number of users), in the 2nd stage photos will be visible for all users in your country (so more, but still not so many). In the 3d stage, photos will be visible to all users around the world.

      I want to say that votes are counting now, and will not be hidden at any stage, but because in the 3d stage much more people will be able to vote, probably votes from the current – 1 stage will not decide about the final 🙂

      • 69

        Thank you!! I’m just seeing your reply. I have another question; for the second stage, will all the photos that are now visible in the mission for the first stage be the ones being voted on for the second? If so, how will the pictures appear in the mission? I feel since votes count, that would give a stronger advantage to the people that posted on the final couple of days of the mission, since those photos will be the first and easiest to go through. Also considering there are over 500 photos currently posted, which would leave a lot of excellent photographers and submissions stuck at the bottom. From past impressions, they tend to not receive as much attention, especially by people that won’t be seeing them until the second mission is open. Then, consider that the nominee’s submissions also has a chance of getting lost on their profile if they decide to enter to Foap’s other missions. Or will the Creator Team be filtering through the first stage and picking the best or most favorited to move on to the second stage?
        I just wanted to take a moment to further say how Thankful I am for being apart of this community and your quick replies. ?

        • 70

          Hello Bri, we appreciate all your questions.

          All photos from the 1st stage will be visible in the 2nd and it will look the same as now, except for the fact that all people in a particular country will be able to see them (not just the nominated users).

          “I feel since votes count, that would give a stronger advantage to the people that posted on the final couple of days of the mission, since those photos will be the first and easiest to go through (…)”

          It’s possible that you’re right. On the other hand, people who uploaded photos rather sooner than later can get more votes because people will have more time to see and vote. We read other your suggestions carefully and they are all something that we need to rethink for future challenges, thank you, Bri! <3

          • 71

            Thank you so much! You have further proved my love for Foap! Thank you so much for listening and communicating with your community. I truly can’t wait to continue watching as your company grows and hope to be along for the ride. I wish y’all a beautiful day !

  26. 72
    • 73

      Hi Rio, congrats! Now you need to find the best photo you took (it can be any photo, any subject, only one photo). Next, open the Foap app, go to the Missions tab and find mission “The Best Photo in Indonesia”. Unlock the mission (Foap Coins needed to do it are already on your account). Choose the Join mission button on the bottom, upload your photo, and add a description and a few tags. That’s all! Your photo will be visible in the mission in less than 24h. Good luck!

  27. 74

    I look forward in learning where to post my picture. It is always tough to only pick one but look forward to doing so and thank you. What is my next step on posting my picture?
    Thank you
    Jennifer Novack

    • 75

      Hi Jennifer, congratulations on your nomination!

      When you will decide what photo you want to use for this competition (I know how difficult it can be 🙂 ):

      1. Open the Foap app, go to the Missions tab and find mission “The Best Photo in the United States”.
      2. Unlock the mission (Foap Coins needed to do it are already on your account).
      3. Choose the Join mission button on the bottom, and upload your photo.
      4. Add a description and a few tags, and… that’s all! Your photo will be visible in the mission in less than 24h.

      Good luck!

  28. 76

    It has been upto 24 hrs and my picture is not yet visible, does that mean it has not been approved

    • 77

      Hi Anyanwu, all uploaded photos are accepted within 24 hours unless they have a watermark or camera specifications on them. If your photo didn’t have any marks on it and still wasn’t accepted, please message support@foap.com with the details. They will be happy to help. Good luck!

  29. 78
  30. 80

    Im indian! I love country..
    I love this App “Foap” I m join this mission!
    awesome mission !
    I m very interesting, Foap’s Best Photo – Country Challenge !
    I m waiting next mission.

    Thank u so much Foap ❤️

  31. 82

    Is there a year limit for the making of the photos? Should the photos be the latest? Thank you

  32. 84

    Although the mail says you’ve been nominated to participate but it asks for payy of 5 foap coins to upload the pik..

    • 85

      Hi Aarti! Yes indeed, the upload is 5 Foap Coins. But the good news is, we gave all nominated Foapers the 5 Foap Coins neccessary to participate! So don’t worry and upload your photo. Good luck!

  33. 86

    Hi FOAP this mission is being amazing breathtaking I’m loving it is a great challenge good luck to me may the best win ??????♥️??

  34. 88
    • 89

      Hi Jacquelin, sadly, we don’t have enough users from Jamaica ? Maybe it’s worth sharing information about the Foap app on your social media? If there will be more people from Jamaica, the next Country Challenge will be available for you as well!

      In this challenge, in the third stage, you will be able to vote and comment for all photos and win rewards for commenting ? Good luck!

      • 90

        Hi Artur,
        Thank you for your reply. It’s disappointing but I’ll work with what’s available . I seem to be left out of almost all the missions.

        Please ignore my other comment about not finding this question and answer.


  35. 92

    Hi Artur and Maria,
    Greatly appreciate being nominated to participate in this first special “ Best Photo” mission and look forward to progressing through the next stages. It wasn’t easy selecting just one photo to submit to it!

    I only wish that at this stage we could also see the submissions from the other countries to enable us to like and comment on their photos too!

    Keep up the good work @jeanello ?

    • 93

      Hi Jean! <3 You're so kind and we're super happy that you joined this challenge. You're so long with us and I can't imagine this mission without your photo. Thank you for your suggestion! This time photos from other countries will be visible on the last stage, but we will check would it be possible to show it sooner in the next challenge. Thank you and good luck!

  36. 94
  37. 96

    Thank you, but from the bottom of my heart, for this wonderful initiative that will enable me to do my best in the art of photography despite the limited possibilities.

  38. 98
    • 99

      Congratulations on your nomination, Grzegorz! As a fan of cats, I had the great pleasure of seeing your gallery 😀

      Please do not add any watermarks, they will be added automatically and other users will see your photo with Foap watermark (until they buy it). Good luck!

  39. 100
  40. 101

    It’s the BEST mission! I will be given the opportunity of visiting this whole wide world.
    Although I was not be nominated by the mission, I still get a lots of enjoyment from it. Thank u so much Foap!

  41. 103

    I’m glad to be nominated on this Foap mission, thank you for the great experience. I hope you had a smile on your face on my uploaded photos. Follow me to follow you back ⬅️ Can I upload my designs for the future business partner in the printing business?

  42. 107

    Hi, thanks for nominated me to in this challenge ?.
    My question ;
    does the country best photo challenge only choose 1 winner in each country?

    • 108

      Hi there Riya, yes indeed, in the next stage of the challenge 1 photo from each participating country will be chosen. Additional rewards for commenting will be given out in the final stage, so remember to stay active!

  43. 109

    Wow nice I will do my best to be on the winning side…that’s nice of you all

  44. 111

    As a long time foaper, I love to see when a new concept for a mission comes along. I love everything about this one!- it adds some light-hearted competition, fun and is all-inclusive. I think it’s also a great way for foapers to interact and communicate more- it would be nice to see more constructive criticism from one another and not just a rating or a simple “great pic”. What is it about the photo that you like? What about the image can be improved upon? Maybe suggest a different angle or better light? I know that I haven’t been commenting as much as I would like, so this is a great motivator! There are so many amazing photos in this mission already! Thank you, foap, for keeping things fun!

    • 112

      Hi Melissa! Thanks so much for your comment! We are really excited about this mission and we’re so happy that you feel the same! Enjoy the whole challenge and good luck!

  45. 113

    This is a good idea for those who like to take pictures of their life events and see different places around the world, even if they haven’t been to that place yet. As a Filipina, I am very happy because I entered this mission. I will do everything for the country. We will be proud of what has a beautiful environment and beautiful scenery. I have feedback about this mission, I hope we will continue to give rewards like this so that more photographers can donate photos to the FOAP APP and recommend them to our other friends and family members. I hope I can also enter as a contributor to your company. even if we are not selected to win even certificate recognize us because it is an honour for us to be among the participants you choose we like to create content we are grateful because of a big improvement in FOAP I’m excited you can work even as commenters and love to give suggestions. I’m a beginner as an aspiring writer of my creation. Thank you so much.

  46. 115
  47. 117

    Hi, there seem to be an issue with the comment area. I asked a question but do not see the question nor receive an answer.

    • 118

      Hi there Jacquelin, because of spam protection each comment needs to be approved before it appears on the website, which might sometimes take a while. I’m glad we could sort everything out though 🙂

  48. 119

    This is really nice. Commenting from Nigeria, I really like the layout of the competition. This gives everyone an equal opportunity to win

  49. 121

    What an awesome mission!!! once again congratulations for the initiative and the opportunity you offer your photographers! I will gladly participate and I will do my best so that my photo is one of the chosen ones, and that I can win some prize! Thanks

  50. 123

    I have uploaded a photo suitable for the competition, can I tell you if I only need to like and comment on the photo uploaded by other people?

    • 124

      Hi Bayram, thanks for joining the challenge! You don’t need to vote on the photos of other people, but I encourage you to do so because they will want to respond with the same, and votes are important in this competition. You don’t need also to comment on photos of other people, but there will be additional rewards for the comments so it’s also worth doing. Good luck!

  51. 125

    This is the opportunity to let others know my photos and to compete with each others, I really appreciate your foap site

  52. 127

    Hi there, thank you so much for this, I’m going through a really difficult situation and nothing gives me tranquility, my baby daughter is going through emotional things and I can’t help much. For a mother it’s devastating not been Abel to help your kids, but anyway searching for a nice picture that represents the state is huge and amazing, it’s helping me to think in something else, it’s so beautiful looking at nature with different eyes, it’s reliving like looking at the sun’s position to get a good photo, or spy on bees waiting for them to sit on a flower and things like that. It’s so very helpful to distract your mind. Thank you so much again for this opportunity, because it makes me feel like you guys really care and pay attention to what we do. I try other similar apps but didn’t like them. I’m glad I found this one. I got it I left then I’m back again but this time I’ll stay.

    • 128

      Thank you for your comment, Liliana. I hope that difficult times will quickly turn into beautiful moments. I’m glad the Foapers’ photos help. Good luck! Thank you for being with us.

  53. 129
  54. 131
  55. 133
  56. 135
  57. 137

    Hello Foap.

    Thanks for the opportunity given to present our Nigerian photography, it’s a great privilege.

    A question.

    How can friends vote for our submitted photographs?

    • 138

      Hi there! We’re so happy that you’re enjoying the Country Challenge! All you have to do is click on the photos and rate them out of 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ So you can invite your friends to download the Foap app, sign in and also rate!

  58. 139
    • 140

      Hi there! I already responded to your other comment, but here’s the answer: All you have to do is click on the photos and rate them out of 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ You can also invite your friends to download the Foap app, so that they can sign in and rate!

  59. 141
    • 142

      Hi there! Click on the “Choose the Best Photo in [Your country]” mission and click on Photos tab. Then, all you have to do is click on the photos and rate them out of 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  60. 143

    It’s really fun to compete in photo selection, multiply missions to compete between countries and also have missions for novice photographers

  61. 145
    • 146

      Hi Collins, it’s too late to upload a photo, but you can rate photos in the mission “The Best Photo in Kenya” and win a dedicated mission for your country. In the 3d stage, you will be able also to comment on all photos in the finals and earn rewards for commenting. Please read the description above.

  62. 147
    • 148

      Hi Lasith, click on the “Choose the Best Photo in [Your country]” mission in the app and click on the Photos tab. Then, all you have to do is click on the photos and rate them out of 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  63. 149
    • 150

      Hi Mekino, please open the Foap app, click on the “Vote for the Best Photo in [Your country]” mission and click on the Photos tab. Then, all you have to do is click on the photos and rate them out of 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  64. 151

    Hi! I love the new mission. Now that voting is op Ed b, I have a suggestion. It would me nice if the order/position of the photos changed within in the mission. Otherwise people may not scroll all the way down to be able to see the photos that were submitted very early on in the mission.

    • 152

      This is a very useful suggestion. In this challenge, we are not able to do that, but we will try to figure out how to do it in the next challenge. Thank you, Shannon!

  65. 153

    hey everyone who made this app successful … congratulations to all because we all love our respective countries..there are too many beautiful memories that are hard for us to describe and share together … so draw the best proof .. .

  66. 155
  67. 156

    Do the Country Challenges seems to be a neat fun concept, and a great way to stir up the camaraderie among fellow foapers.

    So, to officially vote, do we simply comment on the pic itself to say “I hereby vote for this image”?

    Also, just to double check, we only vote within our own country, right? So I can’t also vote for say Greece, correct?

    Thanks again for gor keep’n it fun!

    • 157

      Hi there Sam! I’m glad you’re enjoying the Country Challenge! Voting = rating. All you gotta do to vote is just rate the photo out of 5 stars. We will then choose the photos for the final taking the ratings and number of votes into account. And yes indeed, you may only vote within your own country’s mission.

      Have fun voting and good luck!

  68. 158

    Hello First I would like to thank you for this challenge and this wonderful initiative. All I have to say is “You are not the only one but you are the best”, but if you please I have a problem, I put a picture in this task and it went well, but these last two days I open this challenge and I don’t see my picture among the pictures nominated to be the best in Morocco and I don’t know why, could you explain the problem, and thank you in advance ??.

    • 159

      Hi there Mohamed, thank you for your comment. I just checked and it seems like your photo had the camera specifications visible. Photos you add on Foap might be purchased, so they cannot have any watermarks. You can delete the photo with the watermark and upload a new one without it. The new photo should then be made visible.

      • 160
        • 161
          • 162

            I just added the same picture, but what about the ratings and comments you got please, sorry for the inconvenience and thank you very much for the interest

          • 163

            Hi Mohamed, rates and comments will be gone with deleted photo, but there are almost 13 days left to the end of the voting stage, so I believe you still have a chance 🙂

          • 164
          • 165

            Hey Mohamed, I see it but it’s with the watermark “Shot on Poco X3” again. Watermarks are not allowed. You need to edit this photo on your phone/software and delete the watermark (you can just crop it), and then upload it again.

  69. 166

    How do we vote,I’m not seeing voting option!
    Or we just rate and comment and that’s it?
    Again, the page is not visible today in mission.
    Is there a problem?

    • 167

      Hi Kibet, thanks for your question! Exactly – you need to vote by rating photos. At the end of this stage, we will choose the best photo from your country from the highest-rated photos and photos with the most number of rates.

      What do you mean by “the page is not visible today in the mission”? What page?

  70. 168

    Hello Foap! I don’t participate in Mission “The best photo in country”, but i really like your idea, congratulations! I’m from Bulgaria and i want to vote. Way don’t see the photos? I don’t see all the others Missions at the moment?

    • 169

      Hi Костадин! I’m happy that you appreciate this challenge and you want to support nominated photographers. Are there any missions visible in the Missions tab in the app? On the top there should be a mission named “Choose the Best Photo in Bulgaria”… Can you share a screenshot if it’s not visible? It will help us to find a solution.

  71. 170

    Same here, for 2 days now, the Current and Joined missions arent available on my app, even how many times I refresh, it doesnt appear. I cant vote and comment. My news section is not updating too. I dont know whose to rate back. Thanks. By the way, Foap is getting better and better, I love your ideas. Makes people active and excited on every mission you are posting. Such an interactive app! Keep it up!

    • 171

      Hi Gillian, I’m very sorry, it shouldn’t work like that and we’ll do everything possible to find the solution. It can be a temporary problem, but if it’s still there, please make sure you’re using the latest version of the app. If the app is updated on your device, please send an email to support@foap.com with your username, device model and a short description. We’ll check the logs and try to find what is causing the problem.

      Thanks for your kind words! I appreciate it even more because they are from a very talented photographer! 🙂

      • 172

        Problem fixed! Thank you for your quick actions. Foap never disappoint me. Love this app! More power to whole team!

  72. 173
    • 174

      Hi Lyes8, you should see the mission “Choose the Best Photo in Indonesia” in the Missions tab in the app. Just open it, go to Photos, and rate. Good luck to Indonesia!

  73. 175
  74. 177
  75. 179
  76. 180

    I have uploaded the new image and put it in the mission, Thank you, sir, for the clarification.I will gladly do so, thanks for the guidance sir.??

  77. 184

    Thanks for this very motivating Country Challenge and appealing prize for the winners. I’m confused though, with the voting system. I rated or voted 5 to many Foapers in different countries, but I don’t necessarily rate 5 or comment on particular photos as my final vote for who I think should win. My question: Should I still make an additional comment on a single photo which I think should represent our country?

    Since you have asked our feedback about this new challenge, I suggest that you set a limit to the number of votes given to particular photos. For example, maybe just the top 3 so that we will have more critical eyes when voting for the best photos based on quality, composition and wow factor.

    I suggest having each of us submit one entry until the deadline, and after everyone submits their entries, the voting would begin. This will allow us to view all the submitted photos and make better decisions on which photos are the best ones.

    I support the idea of community and healthy competition, but somehow we have to learn how to judge objectively and not subjectively, because of friendships formed among us Foapers.

    I don’t know if it’s possible for you to showcase all the photos without the usernames, so we can make an objective judgment on each one (i.e. I know one photo app similar to Foap who does this, showing photos without its username and contributors can vote not knowing whose photos they are voting for. At the end of the voting deadline, the company’s own curators/judges pick a particular winner from the top 20% votes, which I find to be very fair and efficient).

    I do love the camaraderie, but hopefully we can separate the best photos vs the most popular ones based on the number of fans or followers somehow has. (There were actually a lot of Foapers who were very congenial even before voting was added as a criteria). In my view, this has led the whole process to become just a popularity contest. Is this what you are intending it to be?

    I actually love that the best comment in a winning photo will also have a prize. I also love Foap and I have learned to improve my skills because of your missions and I have gotten inspired by so many great photographers. Because of this, I have learned to expand into other photography genres and developed more passion for photography.

    I really appreciate that you welcome our thoughts and pay close attention to our feedbacks. Kudos to all the Foap team!

    • 185

      I was waiting for your feedback, Jennifer, and I’m very happy that you decided to share it with us, thank you! I’m sorry for the late response, your comment made me think about what we’re doing here and I needed some time to rethink.

      “Should I still make an additional comment on a single photo which I think should represent our country?”

      There is no need to do that now. When you rate photos with your true opinion (stars from 1 to 5), in practice you’re helping choose the best photo, and this is what we called voting on the beginning, but after Foapers feedback we decided to change the wording a little bit and we’re saying now rather about rates.

      Comments will be crucial in the final stage (“commenting”) but you can add them always, I believe comments are a great way to connect us, Foapers, even if there are no rewards for them. Actually, I hope that commenting will be much more popular in the future.

      The limiting number of votes is an interesting suggestion and I think I understand your point of view. For now, it’s impossible from a technical perspective (we would need to build this functionality) but we will think about the pros and cons.

      A similar situation is with hiding usernames – for now, it’s impossible, but we would be able to create this kind of functionality. I want to respond here to the other of your question, this is not a “popularity contest” nor voting on photos without any “human factor”. I do not see Foap only as a place where we can browse through photos, rate, and choose the best ones. For me, Foap is much more about the community of creators who can support each other, build good relations between, and learn from others how to be better photographers. And I believe, Jenifer, that you’re one of our Pioneers going in that direction, thank you for that, for your beautiful works, and for sincere feedback.

      • 186

        Thank you for your reply, Artur. I really appreciate the time you have taken to respond to my concerns. So if it’s not a popularity contest, then here’s my question: If the same person gets the most votes all the time to represent our country, does it mean he or she will always represent our country when you make this a regular future challenge? Is this fair in your view?

        • 187

          Hi Jennifer, I think you don’t need to worry 🙂 As with most missions, here too our Curators Team will select photos.

          After stage 2 they will choose the best photo in each country. Votes (rates) will influence this decision but the overall quality of the photo is # 1.

          After stage 3 they will choose 10 best photos. Rates and comments will influence this decision but again – overall quality is a priority.

          Winners (3 best photos) will be chosen from top 10 by the most experienced users like you (who sold at least 100 photos) – we will send you a survey by email.

      • 188

        In my view, I still prefer the Foap curators to pick the final winner maybe at least from the top 10% votes and not necessarily the highest one. I want to believe that Foap team doesn’t play favorites but you have professional curators in your team. I appreciate you are picking us who sold the most photos to judge but I also want to play fair so others wouldn’t think that we are not influenced by friendship.

        As I mentioned in my previous comment, congeniality is a good thing which can build community but in the end, it should not be the final determiner of the winning photo.

        Playing fair for me is the best way to go. For me, when I don’t win, I just try to improve my skills and challenge myself to step up my photography. I don’t just want to focus on how I could manipulate others to like me, so that I can win.

  78. 189

    …. @Artur,…,?? n all dear foapers?
    In my app, there Is mission “Choose the Best Photo in Indonesia”,
    But when i open it, there isn’t menu “Photos”,
    ??I can Not find the other Photos for i can rate from that menu.
    Finally, i just rate from menu “…Rate at least 200 Photos this week”

    • 190

      Hi Susanawati! Thank you that you’re helping us choose the best photo. This “Photos” link should appear on the top left of the app (marked with violet):

      Is it there?

      • 191

        No Artur,?
        There isnt’t????
        There isn’t the button of “Photo” link in my foap?????

  79. 192

    ???Ah !!! Yes Artur !?
    I found it ?????
    ???Thank you so much, Artur n all dear foapers ! ????????????????

  80. 193
    • 194

      Hi Reham. Voting = rating. Go to the mission named “Choose the Best Photo in [Your Country]”. Tap Photos at the top of the screen. Browse and rate photos out of 5 stars. That’s all! Thanks for participating!

      • 195

        Dosn’t work with ipad 10.2, but with iphone 7 i does, so some bug there is. With my ipad in this photos section i see only my on photo and it’s like that with all missions.

        • 196

          Hi there! We’re so sorry that you’ve having an issue with seeing the uploaded photos on your ipad. Please contact support@foap.com to let them know exactly what’s going on, best if you include screenshots as well. They will do their best to help you out!

  81. 197
  82. 199

    Hello there,

    I have allso allways wondered how to find mission photos. On my ipad this photos button donesn’t appear purple and when i click it it only shows my own photos downlodaded for missions.

  83. 201

    Can we get a random photos to show up when go to look and rate pictures? Every time I open the challenge I have to scroll past all the photos I’ve already rated. It’s very annoying to see the same order of pictures every time. How are people at the bottom of the pictures list supposed to get rated?

    • 202

      Hi Mike! Thanks so much for your comment! We love that you’re sharing your ideas with us. This is definitely something we need to think about before the next challenge. Thanks for pointing it out!

  84. 203
    • 204

      Hi Yulianto! We’re so glad that you like the Country Challenge! Remember, the voting stage is now open. So open the mission, click on the Photos tab and then rate the uploaded photos from 1 to 5 stars. Good luck!

  85. 205

    ???@Artur n all dear foapers family ?? i really sorry for disturbing you with so often questions???????

    ?? About vote/rate,
    The vote/5 stars i gave to the selected photo,
    When i close my foap apk, n then check again to those photos,
    ??My vote / 5 rate stars is gone/missing??

    ??I”m sorry, i don’t understand ????
    Does the vote/the rating i click to the photo i choose (the same Photos)
    ??I must repeat it every day/every time when i open my foap Apk – open the photo in the menu “Choose The Best photo…” ? ??


  86. 207

    Hi.. I am from Indonesia and I got the announcement in my email. Unfortunately, just read the email about this mission today. I wasn’t active in foap because I cannot login to the app lately.
    So, if I want to join to rate the picture.. How and where? I cannot find it in the app

    • 208

      Hi Wahyu! I’m sorry you missed joining this mission, but I’m happy that you’re back on Foap, and I’m sure that you will be able to join the next country challenge.

      Meanwhile, you can help to choose the photo that will represent Indonesia. Open the app, go to the Missions tab and find mission “Choose the Best Photo in Indonesia”. Open this mission and tap Photos:

      You will see all photos from your country. Tap into any photo and rate it by choosing stars. Rate as many as you like! Photos with the highest rate (number of starts) will have the most chances to be chosen as the best photo in your country.

      Good luck and stay with us, because in the final stage we will ask you for comments and the best comments will win rewards. Happy rating!

  87. 209
    • 210

      Hi Nodirbek, adding photos was possible in the first weeks of this challenge. Now you can help to choose the best photo in your country, and soon you will be able to win rewards with only commenting. Good luck!

  88. 211
    • 212

      Hi Angel, thank you for your feedback. We would like to use it to improve the app. Can you be more specific and put more information in the comment? We would love to know more precisely what you like and what you would want to change in the app.

  89. 213

    I’ve been with Foap since September 2021 and was thrilled to be nominated for the “Best Photo in the United States” Mission along with about 670 others … It is difficult to choose just one best picture out of the many different types of photos I have. I picked a beautiful night shot of NYC seen from the Pulaski Bridge in Long Island City Queens.

  90. 215
    • 216

      Hi Mrunal, open the Foap app, go to the Missions tab and find mission “Choose the Best Photo in [name of your country]”. Open this mission and tap Photos:

      Then you will see all photos from nominated Foapers. You can vote for every photo by rating it with stars. Thanks for participating!

  91. 217

    russia will not stop its war in Ukraine. It is confirmed by Kremlin. It’s time to be UKRAINIAN! Ask NATO to close the sky. #NoFlyZoneUA #Stoprussia

    Mariupol. Direct strike of Russian troops at the maternity hospital. People, children are under the wreckage. Atrocity! How much longer will the world be an accomplice ignoring terror? Close the sky right now! Stop the killings! You have power but you seem to be losing humanity.

    March 9
    Russian losses starting from Russian full scale invasion in Ukraine:

    > 12000 Manpower
    116 Captives
    49+1 Aircraft
    81+1 Helicopters
    317+14 Tanks
    1070+34 Armoured fighting vehicles
    120 Artillery
    28+1 Air defense systems
    56 Multiple rocket launchers
    60 Tankers
    7+ Tactical unmanned aircraft
    3+ Boats
    482++8 Automotive equipment

    • 218

      Hello David, this comment is not about our contest, but we are publishing it because we are also devastated by the invasion of the Russian government into Ukraine, and probably not everyone knows what is going on there. Слава Україні!

  92. 219
    • 220

      Hi Emily, I don’t see you asking this before. If you want to vote for photos in this challenge, go to the Missions tab and find the mission “Choose the Best Photo in [your country]”. Open this mission and tap Photos:

      You will see all photos from your country. Tap into any photo and rate it by choosing stars. Rate as many as you like! Photos with the highest rate (number of starts) will have the most chances to be chosen as the best photo in your country.

  93. 221
    • 222

      Hi Marat! I’m happy that you joined our community. And don’t worry, this kind of challenge should be available soon in the future, so do not turn off notifications in the app and read our emails 🙂 Welcome to Foap!

  94. 223

    Will there be any same mission in near future? Or something like Foap Best Photo per country in certain category.. it would be nice too if there will be more than one photo chosen per country or represents the country, for example the top 3 best photos will have certain rewards and will proceed to next stage to compete with other country… and another 10 runner up to have rewards like $5 or $10 but will not proceed to next stage.

    • 224

      Hi there, rgensaya! Thank you for sharing your suggestions. The short answer is… yes! We’re planning this kind of challenge between countries in the near future. The new challenge should start a few weeks after the current one will end and thanks to suggestions like yours, should be a little different and better. Good luck!

  95. 225
    • 226

      Hi Ed! Later today we will know who will represent every country in the final stage. The winners of the whole Foap’s Best Photo challenge will be known on the first days of April. Good luck!

  96. 227
    • 228

      Hi Olesia! You can find the photos by going to active missions, locating the Country Challenge (which should be at the very top!), and clicking ‘Photos’ in the upper left corner. I hope this helps! Make sure to let us know which photos you like and why by commenting. Thanks! 🙂

  97. 229

    Hello foap team, I participated in the competition, I am eagerly waiting for the result, it is great to see such nice competitions, but the pay pal payment method is not used in Turkey. I sent you my suggestions, you said you will do it in time, but you still do not add any new language support or payment method, why?

    • 230

      Hello Bayram, thank you for participating in the challenge! From a legal and technical perspective payment is a very complicated process. PayPal is probably the most available and easy to handle method in the World. As you noticed, sadly not available in every country. For now, we can’t offer any other way for payments. Maybe even if you live in Turkey there is a way to use PayPal? I can’t assist you in finding these possibilities, but maybe it would be worth to start looking for it 🙂

  98. 231

    I would like to ask about voting. My photo from Hungary has 5 times more votes than the photo was chosen for the 3rd stage.
    In this case I don’t understand for what voting was actually?
    It was written that overall quality of the photo, rating and number of rates were taken into account.
    This is what I really don’t understand.
    Would be greateful for the reply.

    • 232

      Hey Natalia, choosing the final photos wasn’t easy. We took into account 3 factors: the overall quality of the photo (this is the most important, but sadly very subjective), rating and the number of rates.

      I remember your beautiful photo of the sunset of Budapest with a retro bicycle, and overall, it was the second-best in Hungary.

      This time another photo was chosen, but it was very close and I’m sure that with your talent, soon you will win other missions 🙂

  99. 233

    I think this photo turned out wonderful, I am an amateur and I really wanted to win I intend to continue in this wonderful career of photography.

    • 234

      Hi Anael! Thank you for participating! I love seeing beginner photographers take on challenges, the diversity in our community is uncanny. 🙂 I can’t wait to see your portfolio grow and I wish you the best of luck in future missions!

  100. 235

    Just out of curiosity and for adwise to similar missions in the future: what role did voting in country challenge play? Did only votes from photographers own conutry count or did foap team make decissions? I voted so much and saw so many great picures with so high ratings that are not in final round. And i found 49 final pictures and there was 51 countries in. All great pictures tough in final round but just feel that i did big work for nothing searching and supporting photos all around the world…

    • 236

      Hi Reija, thank you for your comment and suggestions. It’s true – choosing only 1 photo from every country, from so many great pictures was really tough, much tougher than we expected, and I’m sad that we can’t reward all great photos in this challenge.

      I believe that we’re all here for awesome photos, so when we choose winners, the most important factor is the overall quality of the photo. Other factors that very strongly influence our decisions are rating and the number of rates. Winners (3 photos) will be chosen by the most experienced Foap users.

      To the 1 stage, we nominated the best users from 51 most active countries on Foap. 50 of them are in the final. The full list of countries you can find here: https://community.foap.com/the-most-active-countries-on-foap-february-2022/

  101. 237

    Hi, quick couple questions for Phase 3. First, are we only commenting on ONE SINGLE favorite photo in the list, or ALL that we think are outstanding? Also, if we’ve commented on a photo prior to Phase 3, are those comments considered or does the comment need to be AFTER Phase 3 was launched?
    Thanks and Cheers!

    • 238

      Hi Sam! Quick questions – quick answer: you can comment on how many photos you like, even on all 50 🙂 All comments, from all stages will be considered when choosing the best 50 comments and the first 100 comments on the winning photo. Good luck!

  102. 239

    Hello, I can’t see my photo because I can’t pass the 3rd stage right now, can you let me know, thank you.

    • 240

      Hi Bayram, all 50 finalists’ photos are now visible in the mission “Foap’s Best Photo – Country Challenge”. If you don’t see your photo there, you’re not in the final as a photographer, but you can still get some rewards by commenting on photos you like. Good luck!

      • 241
        • 242

          Hi Fatiha! You can find the photos on the mission’s page. Go to active missions in the app, find the country challenge and you should be able to tap “Photos” at the top left. I hope this helps. 🙂

  103. 243
    • 244

      Hi Kibet! Thank you so much for participating 🙂 You can still compete for some side rewards by commenting which I highly recommend! I wish you the best of luck in upcoming missions.

  104. 245

    hi I’m a photographer from Indonesia. I am very happy with this mission, especially since the theme we take is my own country. this is my first time to join foap. and I hope my photos can win in this mission.

  105. 247
  106. 249

    I don’t know if I will be able to upload photos of my business in foap when I screenshots them.

  107. 251
    • 252

      Hi Atongu! I am so happy that you are joining our community! You can upload your pictures for sale using our App, add them to the market or into a mission. I invite you to reach out at support@foap.com to learn all the ways you can earn with Foap 🙂

  108. 253
  109. 254
  110. 256

    I can’t be able to publish any photo when ever I I publish it shows that reprt it there is a bug in it

  111. 258
  112. 259
  113. 261
  114. 262
  115. 264

    How Can I Download a Picture From a Digital Camera to my Foap Account on Smartphone iOS ?
    Another Question
    Can I Post Same Photo or Repeat Photos in Editor Choice Mission ?

    • 265

      Hi Mapashe! In order to upload your photos, you will need to first transfer them to your phone, it is not possible to upload pictures on a desktop. Also, you can post the same pictures into multiple Missions including the Editors Choice Mission 🙂

  116. 266
  117. 267

    Just like my country I will like to represent country
    But because I not knowing how do choose the winner from each country I will like to see who is the winner on my country, if it’s me that will be my double happiness,and it will also solvemy problems, let me finally thank you

  118. 269
  119. 270
  120. 271

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