Choose the Best Photo of your country

We asked the best photographers on Foap to show their country from the best perspective through photos. Now all Foap users can check out these photos, so it’s your turn to choose which photo will represent your country.

How to do it?

– Go to the Missions tab in the Foap app, and find mission “Choose the Best Photo of…”.
– Go to Photos on the top left, and check out uploaded photos.
– Use stars to rate as many photos as you like.

Your ratings are super important! They will help us to choose the best photo from each country. The authors of the best photos in each country will earn $10, and their photos will compete in the finals with photo rewards worth $350.

Check FAQ for more information, and leave your feedback in the comments below.

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  1. 1

    was invited to this mission but it is still not available to me. from my profile. and now the mission is almost over. that’s not great work, guys…

    • 2

      Hi Pia, just as I replied to you in another post, we sent the first invitation to you on May 2, so 2 weeks ago, and you let us know about this issue about 2h before closing this stage. I’m sorry that we didn’t manage to fix it so quickly. It’s no longer possible to add photos to this challenge, but don’t worry, in a few weeks, there will be another country challenge. Now you can rate photos to help choose the best photo in your country, and in the next stage, you will be able to earn money for comments. Please also check another of our missions, good luck!

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      • 5

        Why when people submit photos after photos are they not winning any missions. I believe your rating system is grossly unfair and ridiculous in the extreme. Simply because I have been part of your platform for almost 2 years and have never one even the simplest of missions. I can’t even get the platform to accept my paperwork to accept any of my photos with models in it. Not even my personal photos with myself in it. I continuously keep trying but the discouraging part is I feel that I’m not good enough for your platform. So I will with draw myself and it makes me feel worthless.

        • 6

          Hi Ruth! I am very sorry to hear that. We use ratings to help us make decisions but our curators have the final say in choosing the winning photos and they act as fairly as it is possible! If there is anything we can do for you to improve your experience at Foap, please reach out at support@foap.com to let us know. Thank you!

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  5. 11

    Was told I made second round in best country photos but it doesn’t show up when I looked at the photos

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