Show us your country from the best perspective (Country Challenge with $1,200 rewards)

Adding photos to this challenge is not available anymore. Now all users can rate photos to help to choose the best photo of their country.

The new country challenge begins!

We nominated the best photographers on Foap to show us their homelands from the best perspective.

They can join the special national mission and upload up to 3 images to win part of the rewards worth $1,200.

Want to know if you were nominated?

Open the app and go to the active missions. If you see a mission titled “The best photo of [Country]” – Congrats! You have been nominated, so check some of our tips on how to win, and join it ASAP, to get more recognition from the community.

If you were not nominated this time, don’t worry. Soon you will be able to vote for a photo that will represent your country and comment on it to win rewards.

Check FAQ for more information, and leave your feedback in the comments below.

Good luck!

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  1. 1
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      Congrats on your nominations. I hope to be there some day. Your phone is amazing.

      It might be easier to be nominated, but I don’t know how to post my phone to any of the missions, could you please help me?

      • 4

        Hi Charlene! I invite you to expand your portfolio to receive a nomination in a future contest. 🙂 Keep in mind, that you can still participate in this edition by voting and commenting in the upcoming stages, good luck! 🙂

  2. 7

    It’s same for me i received email to where they saying I got nominated but it’s doesn’t show it ??‍♀️

  3. 9
  4. 11
  5. 13

    I have received an email advising I have been nominated but can’t see anything re the mission or my photo?


  6. 15

    Thanks! Despite having been selected by mistake lol… I sincerely hope that at some point, one or some of my photos will be awarded. It is a wish of many. I’m an amateur, not a professional photographer. But I like to take pictures. Making records of life is very good. I joined Foap, through an invitation (indication) from a co-worker, but I don’t really know the criteria to get the photo selected, sold… Likes??? stars??? Thanks for listening! ?

  7. 17

    Excuse me admin, let me ask, I have photos about my homeland, namely South Borneo, Indonesia, but because I don’t fully understand copyright, I will share mine on sites like 500px, Facebook, so that other people can see the area. where I live, my question is can I include these photos in this mission, . and there are also those who received awards from the local community.. I was afraid of breaking the rules, because I was traumatized and even accused of stealing photos, just because my photo appeared in a media, it was an incident that shocked me, as a small photographer.

    • 18

      When you publish photos on Foap, you need to be the copyright owner. If there are no people in the image, usually, you can post and sell it without any problems. When there are recognizable people, usually you need to have a “model release” – a document signed by people on a photo.

      You can find more details in our Terms:

      Please remember that you should always comply also with local law. Maybe it would be a good idea to connect with users from your country and learn from them about copyrights? You will find them in the mission The Best Photo of a Country 🙂

  8. 19
    • 20

      Oh no! Thank you for letting us know, Marie, and sorry for the inconvenience. I just fixed the Portugal mission, can you check is it ok now? I’m super happy that the best active Foaper from Portugal (I mean you) wants to join this challenge. Good luck! 🙂

      • 21

        Thank you Artur, that all seems to be working well now. I have another question however, the mission says no HDR or filters, does this include shooting separate images at different exposures and using photomerge in Lightroom?

        • 22

          I know what you mean, Marie, and I would love to see this photo manipulation. But as you know (I believe this is why you ask), some people question if it’s a “true photo” or rather a “graphic design,” even if it’s possible to achieve with traditional photography. We will not reject this kind of photo, but part of the community would probably rate is low. The decision is yours 🙂

  9. 23

    Hi I’m confused as to how to select photos for the competition. Can I use photos already uploaded to FOAP?

    I read somewhere HDR filters are not allowed. Can the image be B&W?

    thanks in advance

  10. 25
  11. 29

    I received the email that I was nominated too, but it does not show on my missions!

  12. 31
  13. 33

    I saw the mission on my newsfeed but I couldn’t find it on the mission page. Doest this means I am not a nominated user?

  14. 35
  15. 37

    Same question as above I received email but it doesn’t not work or I can’t open.

    • 38

      Hi Ernel, because you didn’t choose your country in your profile, you can join the “general” mission The Best Photo of a Country. It is available in the Missions tab. Good luck!

  16. 39
  17. 41

    I received an email saying I was nominated; but it doesn’t show up on my mission.

  18. 43
  19. 45
  20. 47
  21. 49
  22. 51

    I received the email saying I was nominated; but it does not show on my missions.?

  23. 53
  24. 55

    Hi to you all, from shiny Portugal 🙂

    I’m already in the “game”!

    Just have one doubt: If this mission started on the 2nd May and it lasts a week, how come we’re on the 9th May and it says “6 days left”?

    Bottom line, when does this mission end?
    Thanks and best regards 🙂

  25. 57

    Hi, I see I can join the mission, thank you. My problem is that I want to add the photos that I have already submitted in Foap previously and have been published. They aren’t on my phone any more. Why can’t I just put them in the mission from photos I already have on Foap? If I can, then please explain how. Thank you

  26. 59

    Hi, i have been selected as one of the nominees, here in Nigeria, please i have visited some place and i have taking some poctures for the mission, please i used my phone to take all my pictures hope I’m well to go?

  27. 61

    I have received email and on foap app saying I am one of the best photographers in my country Kampala Uganda the pearl of Africa, I am proud of my self and thanks foap

  28. 63
    • 64

      Hi Blake! Make sure to expand your portfolio to be nominated for future challenges. You can still earn some rewards in this mission by voting and commenting in the upcoming stages. Good luck! 🙂

  29. 65

    I too received the email, but this is not available in my missions.
    Oh and thanks for the invite ?

  30. 67

    I ask why best photo country doesn’t showing in foap mission in my count? If this only for some people this mission?

    • 68

      Hi Hicham, indeed, only nominated users can join this challenge, but our team checked your photos recently, and you were nominated for this challenge. Check the Missions tab in the app, and good luck!

  31. 69
  32. 71
  33. 73
  34. 75

    I was chosen for the mission. Is it true that not everyone is chosen? Do I have decent photos? Thank you, I’m very happy with your choice!

  35. 77
  36. 79
  37. 80
  38. 82

    Thank you so much foap, ive noticed that i was nominated in Best photo in the Philippines, but i didnt get any emails from foap. Im so excited yet worried, but then win or lose, thank you foap..

    • 83

      Hi Marco, maybe you unsubscribed from our email list? Don’t worry about it. If you see the country challenge in the Missions tab, you can join it and win. Good luck!

  39. 84
    • 85

      Hi Aggie! First, you need to use Unlock button and unlock the mission with Foap Coins – we already added them to your account, so it’s free for you. Then you will see the Join mission button. Good luck!

  40. 86
  41. 88

    I just wanted to say, “wow”! The support team in this feed is absolutely amazing! None of the answers were pretyped or copied answers, they were all addressed individually. I am extremely new to foap and just this feed alone makes me feel good to have joined this company/app. Thank you for your service foap representatives, keep up the great work!!

  42. 90
    • 91
  43. 92

    Got the invitation, but it doesn’t show in my missions.. And now it’s almost over ??‍♀️

    • 93

      Hi Pia, we sent the first invitation about 2 weeks ago. It’s no longer possible to add photos to this challenge, but don’t worry, in a few weeks, there will be another country challenge. Now you can rate photos to help choose the best photo in your country, and in the next stage, you will be able to earn money for comments. Check also another of our missions! Good luck!

  44. 94

    Hello I’m from Malaysia, but little bit disappointed cause i uploaded a few photos yesterday but still can’t see in this mission….this mission just have 3 days left…tq

    • 95

      Hello, it’s no longer possible to upload pictures to the mission since we moved to the rating stage a little while ago, however you can still win some rewards by rating and commenting! 🙂

  45. 96

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