Five valuable moments for your portfolio

Say that you’re having a dinner and you’re planning to take some photos during the evening. Often, you’re busy with the preparation of the food, setting the table and so on -and it’s easy to forget precious moments to snap some photos that would be valuable in your portfolio. For example:

1. Often it’s much more valuable for a magazine or company to have photos of fresh tomatoes or a can of milk,┬árather than the dinner itself. Food photos are nice to watch but not as easy to sell as photos of the food before they turned to a delicious dinner.

2. Snap some photos of yourself and be creative! Even if you don’t want to show your face, you could try to take some photos that shows a person getting prepared for an occasion. Could a good old selfie really sell? YES! What if a dating site would make a campaign? Perhaps your portrait would be great in an article about expectations and preparations before a date!

3. Often you take a photo when you’re sitting at the table – take some photos when the people arrive too! Perhaps you open the door and have their genuine smiles captured in a photo that could be used in an article about people getting together during holidays?

4. A good advice is to take photos of people when they’re not aware of it. But remember – it’s a big difference in selling a photo without people knowing it, and selling a photo where the people don’t know that they’re being photographed! Don’t forget to ask them if it’s okay that you sell the photos via Foap.

5. And when the dinner is over and all of the guests are gone. Don’t forget to capture the dishes and the mess. Photos like these are not as usual than the ones with a dinner ready to be eaten – perhaps this is a photo that a buyer didn’t even knew that they needed until they saw it?

I bet you could come up with many more good ideas of when to snap some photos. It’s aways good to think of new angles and opportunities to take photos. The more rare photos, the bigger chance that a photo buyer will buy your photo when they find it. So don’t forget to tag the photos as detailed as you possibly can.

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