The story of Foap photographer BobManley

A couple of weeks ago I was searching trough Foap Market to find something beautiful and inspiring. I stumbled upon Bob Manley’s portfolio. He has many photos containing all the elements – earth, wind, water and fire. Photos telling different stories. I contacted Bob to ask him if he could tell us about his favorite photo and to tell us more about his artistry as a photographer. This is Bob’s story.

I would be happy to share my thoughts about one of my favorite photos. My challenge will be to pick one. As you have pointed out, my images are all over the map. Like life, I feel there is so much out there to discover, so I am continually on the lookout for something new and different. I personify the phrase “jack of all trades master of none” and I am quite comfortable with that.  I think my photography express that same idea. I don’t know that I have ever explored a single subject to perfection, it’s the exploration that I find fascinating. 

Choosing my favorite image is like choosing a favorite wine, it’s simply not possible. As with wine, many image have something wonderful to offer, the question is what is it you are looking for at that moment. Simply put, you may have a favorite red wine that is simply divine, but you would never want to drink it when enjoying a delicate fish. With pictures, what mood are you in, what emotion are you interested in evoking, what will you be using the picture for, who wants to know? There are so many factors that go into choosing a favorite image, and as with wine, the choices are vast. That being said, I have attached an image here. Is it my favorite image; at this moment, yes.


Probably the most important reason I choose this image is that it is filled with stories and metaphors. It tells of a journey, a lonely road, a moment in time, two people on the road driving towards the morning light. Where are they going, where are they coming from? It is also quite beautiful with everything covered in ice and glistening in the morning light.

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us! You can visit Bob’s profile and see all of his photos in the app, his username is @bobmanley. If you want to buy some of his photos, go to

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