The Foap Show #2

We are thrilled to invite you to The Foap Show #2 – the second edition of Live Streams for the Foap community.

– Winners announcements: Find out who won our most recent missions and why;
– The Foap Show Mission: A special Mission made for our wonderful Foap Show audience. Sign up and tune in during the stream to see if your photo was a winner!
– New missions: Get a sneak peek of upcoming missions. Get ahead of the game!;
– Mission spotlights: An in-depth look at one of our Missions/Campaigns
– Foap news: Discover new brands joining Foap and new features that will be released soon.
We updated the program based on your feedback, so expect more winners and photos!

Tune in to see it live and get the opportunity to ask your questions during the Q&A session.

⏰ Date: Thursday, March 2nd, 6:00 PM GMT
? Speakers: Filly – Creative Specialist

Links to Live Stream: Youtube | Facebook
Add to calendar, so you will not miss it: Google Calendar | Outlook | iCal

Did you watch The Foap Show #1? Check it if you missed it.

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      Hi! You can watch it on YouTube or Facebook on Thursday at 6 PM GMT. Use the links above to add it to your calendar and easily check the time for your time zone. See you!

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    This is my first experience about this distinguished application.. I am trying hard to win any cash value so that I can fully believe about this application and I will be one of those who serve the community efficiently

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    It’s my first time using this application and community Foap let’s see I can win some cash

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    I just wanted to make sure it got to the right people, but to give personal feedback; if the right photo is showing but the wrong title and user is posted, pleased just announce that the information is wrong, not the photo. I will admit I’m a little heartbroken to have my title and name up on the show and hear that there was a mistake with the photo; then realize this morning that the winner was the photo that was already showing. I’m happy to be such a close runner-up, but I think just saying the information was wrong and continuing with the posted photo would really help stop any confusion and make for a smoother show. Thank you.

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      Hi JaiElf, thank you a lot for your feedback and sorry again for the mistake. Your photo is great and the mistake is totally on us, so we decided to reward also your work. Thank you a lot for participating and making an effort to create this lovely shot.

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        I get it, especially with trying to figure out Live webinars where you don’t get a moment to fix things. I didn’t mean to make you feel like you had to reward me if I wasn’t the winner, mistakes do happen. I was just trying to give input from personal experience with Live awards and videos. But definitely Thank you for your very kind gesture with trying to rectify a mistake. ?

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