Slow down and enjoy the moment – NIVEA Video Mission

The link in order to upload ?…/5e387f47-3b35-4cba-8214-921f4252acda/join ?? (you won’t find it in the app)   ?Topic: Caring about yourself and your loved ones (making #tea ☕️ doing #yoga ?‍♀️ #reading ? #cooking dinner

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The Foaply Tips

Sell your photos

Are you taking great photos with your phone or your digital camera? Would you like to start selling them? Foap is a great way to start turning your photos into real money. The first step

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A new VisitLuleå Mission!

Today we released a mission for VisitLuleå! What is Luleå in Swedish Lapland to you? Do you live there or have you been there on a vacation? Upload photos that illustrates a moment in Luleå. Read

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Foap: Marketeers., Photo buyers

Curated collection: Beach holiday

Longing for summer? It’s the middle of winter and many are yearning for the heat of the sun and the feeling of warm sand under their feet. You can easily tune in by posting photos with

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No frames on your Foap photos

Hello foaper! We’re scanning the market daily to learn from you and see what we can do to guide you into one of the goals for many foapers – to sell photos. We’ve noticed that

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Upload your Christmas photos right now

Remember that companies always are one step ahead. Upload your photos from last Christmas right away! A lot of photo buyers need images for social media, marketing, newsletters, print (almost everything) before Christmas – and

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