How to get your photos published on Getty Images Market!

Foap has partnered up with Getty Images and now all Foapers can get their photos published on the Getty Market.

The first step to get your photo published on Getty Images market is to take a great photo 🙂

Apart from that, there are certain requirements from Getty that all photos have to meet:

  • No visible logos. So if you took a great pic but there is for example a visible logo of a company on a T-Shirt, please remove the logo with photo editing software before uploading it to Foap.
  • No special filters or effects. If the photo is visibly processed it can not be sold on the Getty market (e.g. „retro” filters).
  • No recognizable faces. We are working on incorporating model releases in the photo submission process, however for now we can’t accept photos with recognizable people for Getty Images publication. Even if the picture is from the side and the person is not clear, we cannot accept it. It needs to be from the back or a silhouette of a person.

People are considered recognizable if:

  • their faces or part of their faces are visible
  • their profile is visible
  • tattoos, scars or other unique characteristics are visibleSometimes people can be recognizable also by association (e.g. though we can’t see their faces, we see a recognizable group of people that they are part of) or even if they are wearing unique, recognizable piece of clothing.

Apart from model releases sometimes a property needs to be released too:

  • All private property needs to be released: e.g. if a photoshoot was inside of a private apartment, the photo needs a property release; also if a private property is the main subject of a photo, the property needs to be released.
  • In some countries all properties are protected by law and need to be released: e.g. photos of Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay cannot be used for commercial purposes without a release. Currently, please do not submit such photos to Getty. If you are unsure if a given property needs a release please check it here:

The process

Once you submit the photo to Getty, it will take some time before it can be published. First, the photos are selected by our content team, then, if necessary, the captions and tags are fixed for Getty’s market purposes. Photos prepared like this are submitted to Getty. Getty review can take a while – from a week to a month.

If your photos are published on the Getty market, you will be notified by push notifications. You can also check photo’s status in the „Manage Photos” section. And of course we will also let you know when your photos get sold 🙂