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6 tips on how to sell on Foap

Hey Foaper! We are glad you joined us and we will be even more happy if you sell your photo(s) on Foap, that’s why we’ve prepared some tips on how to increase your selling chances.

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Why micro-stocks are gaining momentum in the UGC revolution.

  Sourcing photos for your website, social media and marketing can be tricky. Not every creative team has an unlimited budget or an in-house photographer to supply a needed number of images and this is

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Golden Hour: Meet the Finalists

In photography, The Golden Hour, is a period short after sunrise or before sunset during which the sunlight is warmer and redder. It’s also called the magical hour and magic is what this post is

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Community, FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS, Mission Winners, Popular Posts

Meet Sonchai Pongrapeeporn – the winner of the “Experience Thailand” Mission by Etihad Aiways

The “Experience Thailand” Mission by Etihad Airways received over 3600 amazing photos – 20 of them were selected by Etihad and have already been purchased by the company. Today we are happy to share with you

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The new Foap Android is here – with Motorola as global launch partner

Today is the BIG DAY for all of us. We are launching our new Android app and we are really excited to have our friends at Motorola as our global official launch partner! The Android

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We proudly present – Foap 3.0 for Android!

Hi Foapers, Foap 3.0! It is so much different from the previous app you used to know and at the same time so much faster, cleaner and offers a more pleasant, social and fun experience.

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How Hyatt found real happiness on Foap

Happiness cannot be faked. You can’t simply pretend to be happy. Your mother, your husband, your brother, a friend and even a stranger knows when you are trying to fake a smile, right? With that

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